And embroider eyebrows like ink.

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At this time, Mo Mo and Chun Xiang drove the oxcart to bring a few days of food and clothing. Expense And all kinds of things for the Spring Festival.

At this time, Mo Mo and Chun Xiang drove the oxcart to bring a few days of food and clothing. Expense And all kinds of things for the Spring Festival. Five people together to clean up inside and outside the house, Chunxiang and Luo Erniang will draw a picture of the horse on the stove, this is the kitchen God when he left the mount, and kitchen God worshipping's five-color rice flowers, gum tooth candy, beans, wine fruit and other things neatly placed on the stove, see everything in an orderly manner, Luo Erniang finally breathed a sigh of relief. Luo Erniang is busy in the house, Zi Ling and Zi Zhu are busy outside the house. window decoration Hang lanterns, hang Zhong Kui, and unconsciously the atmosphere of the New Year has come out secretly in this courtyard. When everything is ready, the sky is already gray. Grind the ink and invite the bhikkhu. Also came to the house. Naturally, Luo Er-niang respectfully welcomed the other party into the kitchen room. While the bhikkhus were chanting sutras to send the Kitchen God away, Zi Zhu was already kneeling in front of the kitchen with grinding ink to respectfully send the Kitchen God away. Luo Er-niang, Zi Ling, and Chun Xiang could only stand outside the kitchen door because of the custom that women had to avoid sending the Kitchen God. When they saw the fire inside through the window, they knew that they were burning forage to send the Kitchen God to heaven. The ceremony of sending the Kitchen God is over. After Luo Er-niang sent a thank-you gift of three pecks of rice, and then let Mo Mo send the bhikkhu away. Before going to bed, Luo Erniang lit four lamps, one lamp under the bamboo bed, one lamp under the bed where he slept with Zi Ling, and the other two lamps were placed at the front door and the toilet entrance, which was called "shining on waste". Song people believed that light had the power to drive away filth and evil spirits, so every day when they sent the kitchen and Chinese New Year's Eve day,fenugreek saponins, they put candles on the bed, toilet, kitchen and door. To achieve the purpose of dispelling the ghost of "waste". That night, Ziling slept very soundly and deeply. When she woke up the next day, she was still a little sleepy. Seeing that no one disturbed her, she was lazy in bed and refused to get up. When Luo Erniang and Chunxiang were talking in her ears. At this time Luo Er-niang and Chunxiang were quietly discussing the list of things to be prepared for the Chinese New Year's Eve and the New Year, such as the door gods, peach boards, peach charms to decorate the house,turmeric extract powder, the blunt donkeys at the door of wealth, and the deer and horses that turned around. During the New Year, they also needed to buy half a piece of pork, a chicken, and two fish. They also needed to prepare more tea with oil, salt, sauce, ginger, and pepper. They also needed to buy all kinds of fruits and candies. Liu Guifei's family naturally has two big fat fish, a jar of good wine, a lamb, and the rest of the relatives and friends are slightly reduced by one or two. At the same time, it is necessary to prepare the spring dishes for relatives and friends at the beginning of spring earlier. Although there are enough winter oranges, it is necessary to add some litchi, vegetables and so on. Just as Luo Erniang and Chunxiang were discussing, they heard someone knocking at the door. It turned out that the neighbor's house had sent him a catty of pork. By this time Zi Ling had sobered up, put on her clothes, and half pushed the window open. She saw Luo Er-niang chatting with her neighbor's aunt for a long time before she accepted the annual gift. She said with a smile, saw palmetto extract ,glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate, "We haven't finished cleaning up the house yet, and it's not good to invite the aunt to live in the house.". The slave family first thanked the aunt here for her kindness, and I accepted it. "I only came back in a hurry yesterday, but I didn't prepare a good gift. I only brought some sprouts for cooking. I also asked my aunt not to laugh at the gift. Please accept it." As she spoke, Luo Er-niang took out a bowl of sprouts that Ziling had made herself, and taught the other side one or two simple dishes with sprouts and pork. The neighbor's aunt laughed loudly and said, "Lady Luo, you and I have been neighbors for a few years. Now that you're back, I'm happy to say that I'm not laughing at you. I'll borrow your bowl and return it to you later." After that, several families in the village sent annual gifts one after another. Although they were all things to eat on weekdays, the gifts were light and the affection was heavy. Later, Luo Er-niang could not even take out the annual gifts in return, so she had to wait for another day to send them to each family. Two days later, the neighbor asked Luo Er-niang where she could buy the sprouts. Luo Er-niang said with a smile, "I don't have them this year. I'll make them for my aunt next year." The sprouts pickled by Ziling last year are not much left now, and Luo Er-niang is reluctant to give them away again. So soon came the night of the Chinese New Year's Eve, because the house is too simple, only two can live, so Luo Erniang in addition to Beijing in the court need to leave a boy to guard the door, and asked Aunt Lu to help take care of one or two, then sent the manpower to go home for the reunion, and spring and summer because the family is not in the capital, so the day of Chinese New Year's Eve is naturally spent with Luo. On the night of the Chinese New Year's Eve, five or six lamps and candles were lit in the house, and finally the house was bright. The table was filled with wine, food, soup, fruit cakes and snacks, which were very rich. Luo Er-niang called everyone to the table, but when she saw Chun Xia Er-xiang standing by her, she dared not take a seat. "Today is the day to watch the New Year," she said with a smile. "You are now your own family. Why can't you sit at the same table?" Then he pressed Chunxiang to sit at the table. Seeing this, Xia Xiang twisted for a while and finally sat carefully at the corner of the chair. After a small meeting, everyone talked, laughed, ate and drank freely. Seeing her family gathered together happily, Luo Er-niang showed a happy expression and said with a smile, "I can't remember how many years I haven't had such a prosperous year." As he spoke, the expression on his face became somewhat melancholy, and he unconsciously murmured in a low voice: "Remembering that year, the Lin family was also a very well-off family." Listening to Luo Er-niang rarely mentioned her mother's family, Zi Ling listened carefully, Xia Xiang looked at Luo Er-niang with a curious look on her face, and Chun Xiang sifted a pot of warm wine and filled everyone's cup with wine. Then Luo Er-niang reacted and said with a smile, "Now that it's the Chinese New Year, why should I talk about these old things?"? You eat the vegetables quickly. But Zi Ling grinned and said, "It's a pleasure just to eat. Why don't you tell us about the past?" Next to Zi Zhu, he also nodded in agreement. Luo Er-niang saw her children looking forward to it, smiled heartily, ate a cup of wine and talked about the small things she had experienced before, and unconsciously talked about her own childhood. … At the beginning, although the Lin family had no land, they opened a shop in the county town to buy silk cloth. I still remember when I was six years old, there was a table full of food and wine at home for the Chinese New Year. My mother even put on a small red dress embroidered by herself for me, so that my brother saw it in his eyes and wanted to wear the same clothes as me. At that time, my mother said with a smile that she would make a new dress for you next year. At this point, Luo Erniang showed a light and happy smile,lutein eye complex, and soon the smile disappeared on her face, "Mother did not know that such a simple promise had never been fulfilled since then." "Ah!" When Xia Xiang heard Luo Er-niang's words, she became nervous.