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However,filter nozzle, in the case of those fire crows, Zhou Tian's attack did not end at that time. Because at the same time that the strong undead left the original place, Zhou Tian controlled a group of fire crows and chased them at that time.

On this side, Mu Shen Chen was still wondering, but on the other side, the masked woman was already approaching step by step. As she walked, she said with a light smile, "Martial Uncle, my teacher is very disappointed with you. That's why I asked Ling'er to come and ask the teacher for advice. Why?" Bai Linger said why a few words, the white moon has been the first to rush forward, a snow-white silk straight as a sword, fierce straight to Bai Linger's face. No one doubts that if this is solid, the effect is not much worse than hitting with a stone. Mu Shen looked at all this in disbelief, almost thinking that he was really in a dream. In front of this will be a silk dance elusive, too fast to see the shadow, if the night ghostly white moon, is really her mother who is always elegant and generous? "Ling'er is coming with a gift. How can Martial Uncle meet each other?" Bai Linger laughed softly and fought with only a pair of plain hands, which seemed to be more than competent. The posture is as light as a fairy, and the shadow of the palm all over the sky is like a flower. Thank you for opening. It's very beautiful. The two men were so entangled that they could not tell the winner from the loser for a long time. Mu Shen Chen, of course, would not put his mother aside desperately. He hurriedly shouted, "Somebody!"! There's an assassin! Come on! People came, but not the guards she expected in the mansion, but a number of girls in white, the same carrying lanterns slowly out, more than 20 people. All of a sudden, this small piece of land was as bright as day. As soon as the white moon put on her silk to block Bai Linger,MBR reactor, she put her other hand into her bosom and took out countless silver lights to hit the girls with lanterns. "Go!" She shouted. Mu Hai picked up Mu Shen Chen, jumped, and took advantage of the chaos. This block, the white moon because of the back wide open, was Bai Linger mercilessly clapped a palm, the body a stagger. Niang- "Mu Shen Chen exclaimed." Go Bai Yue shouted and turned around to entangle Bai Linger. Those white gauze girls carrying lanterns, dodging the white moon, a vicious hidden weapon, all flew after the wooden sea. The white moon rushed over recklessly and blocked them again. She wore a roll of silk and drew it. Several people spurted blood and fell down, but she was slapped by Bai Linger who came after her. Where is Martial Uncle going? Linger hasn't finished asking for advice yet. Bai Linger smiled and said softly. Muhai disappeared into the night with Mushen Chen,rapid sand filters, and she didn't seem to care much about it. This side is so noisy, but the huge Hou Fu is like no one, there is no movement at all. Jinyang after all is an important place in the capital, heavily guarded, even if the magic door also dare not how presumptuous, as long as you can get out, alarm the capital guards, nature will be saved. Bai Yue had not used force for many years, and she was only a few minutes away from Bai Linger. She had been slapped twice, and she was gradually exhausted. She only managed to parry, while thinking about how to get away. Just as the white moon was thinking about running away, a huge shadow suddenly hit the field. Is the sea of wood, a little blood between the eyebrows, has long lost its breath. The white moon heart trembles, one does not guard against, is hit by the white spirit son one palm, the person flies up, disc air diffuser ,wall penstocks, falls to the ground. In the dark night, slowly out of a gentle handsome man in white, a cold, very cold, I saw his hand gently lifted, carrying things flying toward the white moon, it is Mu Shen Chen. The white moon catches her hurriedly, still has the breath, only was touched the acupuncture point. The white moon heart loosened and a mouthful of blood spat out. Bai Linger said with a charming smile, "Don't break our Crown Princess. Elder Martial Brother, you are too pitiful. This charming daughter's family is also willing to destroy the flowers." Mu Shen Chen opened her eyes wide, frightened and puzzled. She had been spoiled since childhood, and all she came into contact with were the sons of the noble girls of piano, chess, calligraphy and painting. How many times had she seen the scene of killing people? Bai Yue hugged her daughter and fell to the ground in a mess, looking at the man and the woman, slowly desperate in her heart. In fact, she knew they would come, but did not expect them to come so soon, Shengjia just left Beijing yesterday, today they came to the door, so that she was caught off guard. She had known that there would be such a day, since Shen'er was accused of marrying the King of Yan, since she had an affair with Muyuan Qi, and dreamed of breaking away from the control of the school. "Do it." The man in white said coldly. Bai Linger took one look at him and walked over helplessly. He sighed to Bai Yue, "Martial Uncle, you know the rules of the school. Don't blame Linger for being cruel." "Take my life and don't touch my daughter," the white moon begged with difficulty. She doesn't know anything, and I haven't taught her any martial arts. You let her go. ” Bai Linger shook her head with pity and said, "Martial Uncle, it seems that you have been a lady for a long time. How can you live more and more? How can you still have half of the elegance of a witch in those days?" Bai Yue's face was pale, and her eyes gradually grew bitter. "My husband is in charge of 200,000 troops in southern Xinjiang," she said in a harsh voice. "Are you really not afraid of my husband's army if you kill my son?" Bai Linger gave a deep sigh: "I'm afraid.." So it was a good thing. Why didn't you listen? Good Crown Princess does not do, must go to be what Yan Princess, you look at this trouble, Yan King also did not come to save you ~ "" "You just want my son to go to the East Palace to be the eyes and ears," said the white moon with a sad smile. "The Crown Princess, how can the Crown Prince be a good companion?" No matter who he marries, the royal disciples only use the women of the Demon Gate. How can they be sincere? Whether the prince or the king of Yan, after knowing her origin, how can she treat her daughter well? When Zhao Xia made a decision, the four great masters retired, but they were only calm on the surface. In addition to the way of inaction, there was still a great master who was originally a foreigner. The remaining Demon Gate and Jingzhai were enemies of life and death. From generation to generation, the struggle has never stopped. However, this struggle has slowly shifted from Jianghu to the temple and the world. She was originally a disciple of the Demon School, and was sent to the side of the Marquis of Nan'an. After having an affair, she wanted to get rid of the control of the school and live a good life. That's why she tried every means to disobey the order of the school and did not send her daughter to the East Palace as a side concubine. She wanted to be peaceful, but she couldn't. Seeing that there was nothing to be done, Bai Yue laughed bitterly and said, "Prince, you put the treasure on the prince. Is it really so easy to control the prince?" Bai Linger looked cold and said in a cold voice, "Then you don't have to worry about it, Martial Uncle." With these words, he waved the white moon with one hand and clapped the other hand at the heart of Mu Shen Chen. At the critical moment,lamella tube, the white moon rushed over to block Mu Shen Chen, Bai Linger a palm on her back, a mouthful of blood sprayed on Mu Shen Chen.