Getting Wild with World Cup Willie!

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Exclusive World Cup 2006 content awarded to PNC Telecom

PNC Mobile and Jules Rimet Cup Ltd announce their collaboration on Mobile Services for the World Cup 2006 World Cup Willie

Jules Rimet Cup Ltd announces it has the rights to World Cup Willie in a bid to reincarnate the spirit of England’s famous win in the 1966 World Cup.

World Cup Willie was the name of England’s first football mascot in 1966 who presided over England’s great win of 1966. The 1966 World Cup was the first and only time England have come away with the ultimate prize but since that time the name has abandoned and neglected. .

Well, an all new World Cup Willie has now been born – a different World Cup Willie - to embodying the old fashioned spirit of 1966 and England’s finest hours in a new body.Proudly sporting the George Cross and accompanied by Wez and Wilma, World Cup Willy represents the Modern England Fan – young and old carrying the hopes and dreams of our nation in this year’s tournament.

PNC Mobile to provide Mobile Services

Jules Rimet Cup Ltd has selected PNC Mobile to be the exclusive provider and distributor of mobile content services for the World Cup Willie brand.

Peter Tuft of Jules Rimet Cup Ltd said “PNC Mobile was the logical choice for us. They have a proven track record in creating and delivering high quality mobile content. They understood immediately our requirements and have not only been able to produce a fantastic range of content, but have also been able to take World Cup Willie to a variety of high profile media channels”

Darren Jones, CEO of PNC Telecoms Ltd, said “we are delighted to be working with Jules Rimet on the World Cup Willie project. The whole of the country will be watching the World Cup on TV and we look forward to getting the whole country watching it on their mobile phones too”

World Cup Content

PNC Mobile has produced a range of World Cup Content including:

• Animated and Still Wallpapers: includes everything for the England supporter including England Flags and World cup Willie and his family, Wez and Wilma

• Ringtones: includes everything for the England supporter including including a unique range of whistling ringtones and of course, the World Cup Willie song “40 years of Hurt” to be released the beginning of May 2006.


The England Supporters M-Mag

The England supporters M-Mag (mobile magazine) contains everything for the England Supporter in one package. A WAP based Mobile Magazine which supporters can access easily by texting a single keyword to a shortcode.

The magazine contains both editorial and mobile content and will be updated over the course of the tournament, with pre tournament, pre match and post match news updates.

Supporters are able to browse, purchase and download content through the WAP interface.

Billing is flexible and can accommodate credit based, subscription, once off purchase and gifting models.

Service test numbers

Text Willie to 8XXXX to receive your copy of The England Supporter’s M-Mag

Hosted in the PNC Network, the service is operated in a secure environment offering high levels of resilience and maximum service uptime. We offer online reporting tools for tracking and analysing service statistics to parties operating revenue shares in the service.